Raise a Glass to the New Year!

This festive season as we all raise a glass to celebrate the promise of the New Year, make it possible for families all over Uganda to raise a glass of clean drinking water.

Safe drinking water is a basic human right that is inaccessible to 10 million Ugandan people. SPOUTS of Water has created a sustainable solution to this problem through the distribution of the Purifaaya, an affordable and effective ceramic water filter.

By the end of 2016 SPOUTS will have provided access to safe drinking water for 77,000 Ugandans. We aim to build on this success by ensuring that even more individuals start 2017 with the clean drinking water needed to ensure their families’ health.

This holiday season, you can become a part of SPOUTS’ mission by giving the gift of clean water to a Ugandan family. One Purifaaya water filter costs only $20, and this small contribution will provide an entire family with access to safe water for over two years.

For further information download our Social Programs Guide. Please direct any questions to fundraising@spouts.org.

Thank you for your support!