SPOUTS aid programs solving the desperate need of safe water access in public spaces by installing thousands of large-scale filters in schools, refugee camps, health centers and churches across Uganda.  .

Children provided with safe water through Filters for Schools Program
Filters instaled in Refugee Camps in Uganda and South Sudan
Churches provided with filters

Filters for Schools

In Uganda many schools lack the funding or resources to provide pupils with safe water access. This is resulting in pupils struggling with thirst whilst they try to learn, or getting water waterborne diseases by drinking dirty water. However, the large-scale offers a simple, accessible, and affordable solution to this problem. As little as $90 provides safe water access for a whole classroom of 50 students.
To date SPOUTS has installed filters in over 40 schools providing safe water access to over 10,000 pupils. Furthermore, under the Filters for School Program SPOUTS provides training for pupils and staff on correct water sanitation practices and how to correctly use the filter to prevent future sickness.

Water for Refugees

Uganda is currently home to Africa’s largest refugee crisis, hosting over 500,000 refugees, with numbers dramatically rising due to conflict in neighboring countries. These displaced individuals face high health risks due to lack of safe water access within Uganda’s refugee settlements. SPOUTS aims to solve this problem by installing filters at a household level, as well as large-scale filters within public spaces in these settlements.
To date SPOUTS has installed over 1,500 filters in refugee camps in Uganda and South Sudan through our implementing partners on the ground which include Oxfam, UNHCR, American Refugee committee, Sundara, and Surge for water.

Filters for Churches

Churches are the focal point of many Ugandan communities. They provide a space for worship, socializing, as well as education. Due to the huge influence local pastors have on the behavior of their congregation churches present an ideal opportunity to teach communities about correct sanitation practices. Therefore, SPOUTS plans to install large-scale water filters within churches to provide people with safe drinking water whilst they worship, but also to raise awareness of available safe water treatment and motivate them to take responsibility for their own family’s health and water needs.


SPOUTS has started a water revolution providing safe water access in public spaces in Uganda one filter at a time, improving the health of thousands of economically disadvantaged individuals. However, we cannot under take this mission alone. Support our work by donating of fundraising for SPOUTS’ aid programs.